What Color Scheme for My New WordPress Design

wordpress san luis obispo - musepeep - tammy fay baker - paso roblesGreen lizard sporting a pink tuxedo( my eyes hurt )

With all the colors of the rainbow at our disposal these days, are people going a bit to far with color on their websites?  Generally, I do like color, but I like it in small quanities( this is just my personal taste and i’m not sure it has any effect on visitors/users of the site )… I can’t think of a better color scheme than Google.com( bastards always are the best .. haha..)

Google found a way to incorporate color into a white space page.

This is beautifully done. The colors draw your eyes to the company name, and the Search Box…  I know we all can’t have a simple front page like google, but I am a very firm believer that the vast majority of websites are better off keeping this type of thought intact while designing your companies website. Although heavy colors on your website will bring attention to the website, I do believe it will distract the user from the content and reason for their visit. ( I also think people are only on the web for information and not to visit beautiful websites… Users want intuitive and nice experience and mostly just want the information they are searching for. )

wordpress san luis obispo - musepeep - color schemeI really like finding interesting colors to use ( beyond the companies logo )… If the colors are kept simple and there are no ridiculously huge background images, then the site will more than likely not need a re-design within the next couple years. I like to “Imply” what a website is about.. not “Spell it out with a ridiculously huge background image”… I see this often from the very beginner in web design. Heck, I’m guilty of doing it. I’ve done it once or twice only to go back to the site and see… Wow! That looked cool 2 years ago, but now it looks really lame!  ( It probably always looked lame )  The bottom line is don’t try to steal the show with a big background image and overly active colors.. Let the content shine and the visitor / user will appreciate the experience and return. Think about what  brings you to a website.. and the answer will never be “Great Design”… Information, Functionality, then design…

With all that said….

A really nice design does make the experience more enjoyable and can help with return viewers/users…..

Keep being creative web designers!!!!

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