Working on a Holiday Sucks

wordpress san luis obispo - holiday working stinks - musepeepA bit of a rant

Hello, and happy holidays to you. Hopefully you are not working today as working on a holiday sucks!

Why is it that some companies stay open on holidays and there really is no purpose to be open. Business is at a snails pace, if there is any business at all… Employees are basically useless compared to a normal working day… and with even these two mentions, why won’t a business just close their doors on a holiday? I’ll tell you why. The boss of those companies ( Retail / profitable holiday businesses not included ) want their employees to know and feel that they have no control over their lives.

wordpress san luis obispo - bag head - musepeepOnce I applied for a Server Position ( I won’t mention the companies name out of respect ) Then again……It was TGIF Fridays.  My first day on the job was bright and early at 8 a.m. on New Years Day… See what I mean… This was only done because the young woman who had to work was angry that she had to be there on New Years, so she made us feel the pain as well. Lets just say, I never had a high level of respect for that company because of that. The restaurant was very slow and I didn’t see a reason to have the restaurant open.( It was the same all 4 years I worked there )  So, why would the owner keep the doors open? I don’t think it was for profit. They may have been open so their “customers know they are always open”…. or …. maybe the owner is just a Scrooge Prick… Yep, I’m going with this….

Luckily, I don’t have to deal with these type of owners these days. I may have to in the future, but as of now… I don’t ……and hope I never have to again…


There is no need to be open on certain days. I actually think by closing you energize your employees to like the company they work for and in turn will deliver a healthier and more dedicated employee… Open your eyes Scrooges… you are hurting your business by treating your employees as only money makers and not humans… I believe nobody needs to work on certain holidays.  I know there are lots of loop holes in this post, however… I recommend letting your employees take the holiday off, and lose the profits for that day…. Do we all have to be “7-11 employees”… We don’t!