What is a Internet Marketing Specialist


Internet Marketing Specialists or IMS is a position in which ….. well, basically, it means the person knows about the best ways to keep Google interested in a particular website. This is done by keeping up with the latest trends in the Google world. Yes, it is a bit of a guessing game, but through years of trial and error most IMS’s know that Google is the way to more page views, page hits, and pretty much, more sales! Social Media is beginning to play a monumental role in the online world. An IMS earns their money by getting your site seen by more visitors. A great IMS knows how to get more visitors, repeat visitors, and get you to the top of the Google search. Ok, some of that work is done by the Web Designer and Developer, which I am a WordPress Designer and Developer working from San Luis Obispo throughout the Central Coast, but as a designer and a IMS, let me tell you.. it’s a very small line between all these components of a website.
To sum it up.
Google is King.
Social Media is queen.
Visitors are what you want.
Return visitors is even better.
An increase in visitors and sales means you are getting a “Conversion Rate”
A high conversion rate is best.

I just kind of ran through some of this, but hope it wets your beak.