I Just Got You On the Front Page of Google… Don’t Run!!!!

Musepeep Web Design - san luis obispo - Clients running from SEO godzillaIt’s so difficult for a salesman to sign up a client with a web service. They wine and dine them, and make promises to get them on the front page of Google. The team receives the news from the rep/salesman that the new client has signed up and we’re ready to get going on the SEO. That’s great!

The team gets going and in a few months or so, the team gets the client on the front page of Google for their keyword. You know, the team doing all the SEO work that is required, such as being active in getting back links, building a social media profile or twenty, and all those great ways to get Google to recognize.  Yes! We got the client on the front page of Google!

Now, the client see their business on the front page and asks to stop service. I mean, why pay a team to get them on the front page of Google, when they are already on there?( This is the clients general thought ) and it seems to make sense and save dollars for the client. The salesman tries to tell them that they may slip in ranking if the team doesn’t keep moving forward, but the client still leaves and cancels their contract.

The SEO team was their hero a few months ago, but now the client runs like we are Godzilla!!!!!