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1 click, 2 click, 3 click! Go!

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Clickers, start your engines… I have been working on computers for some time.. like all my life, and I’m always amazed at the little things others may know and I have yet to discover. I was shown the triple click recently, and let me tell you .. it’s this kind of thing that makes me […]

Quick Install on Hostgator

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Hostgator and Quick Install Recently, I was experiencing WordPress install issues on C-Panel. I was using the “Quick Install” feature supplied by Hostgator. This is a great idea and they offer many options of services to Quick Intall. This is really cool, but I don’t know if most of these actually work. I’ve heard from […]

Make That Div Stick

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position:absolute; I have a <div> that I want to stick to the right side of a container. (see image) This was one of the first challenges I faced with CSS. Positioning your images and text in a clever way can really make your website visually pop, not to mention the need of it’s use during […]